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Antonio Lee
Oil and acrylic on canvas. 96cm x 123cm

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À La Disposition S/S 2006

"There are poets who sing you to sleep
and poets who ready you for war
and I want to be both."

- Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)

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Seamus Heaney’s last words: ”Don’t be afraid” (Noli timere), painted by Dublin artist Maser

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"I am overwhelmed with things I ought to have written about and never found the proper words."

- Virginia Woolf, The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 1: 1915-1919  (via lucasta)

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The reason Canadians are so nice is easily explained. Once a year, on the sixth full moon all Canadian’s gather beneath the stars and perform a ritual that sucks all their meanness and cruelty and places it in Canadian Geese.

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"Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation."

- Alex Turner (via perfect)

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