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Sometimes I forget that people on the Internet are actually real people. Like the guy scanning your bananas at Walmart could be the guy who sends you anon hate.

damn you banana man

WHERE’s the banana guy?….

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"I knew how to help him be a Christian on weekends and evenings. I knew how to teach him how to run a Bible Study, how to evangelize, how to share his faith, but I had no idea how to help integrate his faith with his work. Since 98% of Christians are spending 80% of their time working, we’re giving them almost no help as a church. The church has got to learn how to develop tracks for both church leadership and cultural leadership. In the church, I was only trained how to get more and more laypeople into my church and out of their field. So they’re more active in church and leading Bible Studies and serving on the elder board, but I did not know anything on how to flesh out their faith at their jobs. Yet that’s what will really change the culture."

- Timothy Keller (via jspark3000)

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all these spoons but no one to spoon with


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8 Signs You’re With The Right Person




Sometimes when we’re in a relationship we question if they’re really meant for us. Some of these tips will help you clear the confusion you’re feeling.

8 Signs You’re With The Right Person

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This helped me so much 💕I was feeling so unsure of myself but now I’ve gotten some encouragement ✨🌸

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when i die please punch everyone who says “i wish i got to know them better”

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Before & After 

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"Sometimes screams make the holiest prayers."

- Josh Riebock (via jspark3000)

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i can only handle so much socializing until i get tired and start getting irritated towards everyone and want to go home and sleep or lock myself in my room and go on the computer

This is what it means to be an introvert. Not being shy. This.

And if I let that irritated state go on for too long, I usually end up crying in my room.

"I didn’t incorporate God into my life, I gave God my life."

- Dan Mohler (via sheppardsroar)

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Crappy weather.

Asashi Pentax SP500

Ektachrome Elite 200 expired 1997 cross processed